Test Drive the Smoke Signals


August 2017 Smoke Signals

Click on the link above to open a .pdf of our
August 2017 issue of
Smoke Signals.

We invite you to join up!

8 Responses to “Test Drive the Smoke Signals”

  1. george f stewart Says:

    Good morning I have two 1952 Pontiac 4 door Deluxe Chieftain and a 1952 Pontiac 2 door hardtop Catalina . I use to have a list sayng what model they were.the one is Style 52-2569D and the other is 52-2537 SD, do you have a list of imformation to tell the different body styles in years Thanks George F Stewart

  2. george f stewart Says:

    Do you have a list of years and makes of Pontiac cars by the Style 52-2569D and 52-2537 Sd

  3. George-send me an email at pociworldhq@aol.com with a mailing address and I will photocopy and send you some info, sorry for the delay in responding to this!

  4. Does anyone have a 1968 Bonniville or Grand Prix (filler, bumber to fender) front bumber?

  5. Carlo Salerno Says:

    I have a 1951 Pontiac sedan delivery I want to sell. Can I advertise it in your magazine?

  6. Jw Grodt Says:

    I am putting finishing touches on a 1963 Bonneville 2 door. hardtop with 31k actual miles and need both passenger side wheel moldings. Anyone got them for sale?

  7. Kenneth Hooper Says:

    Hello from Australia was a member of your club for many years and bought a 1931 Oakland v8 Sport coupe in 1979 from Florida from Smoke Signals
    Now. Now chasing an Engine timing chain for the same car NOS .
    My email is hoopsta@bigpond.com Kenneth Hooper thanks .

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