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2009 Pontiac

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From Wikipedia:

2009 Pontiac

2009 Pontiac Brochure

On December 2, 2008, General Motors announced that it was considering eliminating numerous brands, including Pontiac, in order to appease Congress in hope of receiving a 25 billion dollar loan. On February 17, 2009, GM originally proposed the elimination of its Saturn division, the sale of Saab, and either the sale or elimination of Hummer, depending on whether a buyer could be found quickly. In the original plan GM also clarified that Pontiac would have begun to focus on “niche” models aimed at the “youthful and sporty” segment, but did not provide specifics. Pontiac was to trim its number of models to four, although there was talk of retaining only one model. By April 2009 several automotive websites and business publications were reporting that GM was doing a study suggesting it might eliminate the brand altogether, along with sister truck brand GMC. On April 23 a report was published stating the company would be dropping the Pontiac brand while preserving the GMC truck line, as well as the Chevrolet, Cadillac, and Buick brands. The decision to eliminate Pontiac was made primarily due to the increasing threat of a bankruptcy filing if the June 1 deadline could not be met. On April 27, 2009, GM officially announced that Pontiac would be dropped and that all of its remaining models would be phased out by the end of 2010.

General Motors will cut an additional 7,000 to 8,000 factory jobs in the United States and shed 2,600 dealers by 2010 under a revised business plan developed with the Obama administration. GM Chief Executive Officer Fritz Henderson said the Pontiac brand would be closed by 2010, calling it an “extremely personal decision.” In addition to speeding up decisions on Saturn, Saab and Hummer, GM will be left with four brands – Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac.

The G6 was the last Pontiac built in the U.S.

In early May, 2009, Jim Waldron, a Davison, Michigan Pontiac dealer, announced that he was interested in purchasing the Pontiac brand and logos, and had found financing to purchase them as well as some soon-to-be shuttered GM plants in order to build cars. However, GM had already decided to retire the brand as it has began to sell off its remaining inventory and said that, unlike Saturn, the brand was not for sale.

The last American Pontiac, a 2010 G6, was built on November 25, 2009 at the Orion Assembly plant. No public farewell took place, although a group of plant employees documented the event. In December 2009, the last Pontiac-branded vehicle to roll off an assembly line was in the Canadian-market Pontiac G3 Wave, manufactured in South Korea by GM Daewoo.

The Pontiac brand was pulled after the 2009 model year in Mexico and the brand was renamed as Matiz, while selling only one vehicle, the Matiz G2 (Matiz’s logo is similar to Pontiac’s logo).

2009 Pontiac

2009 Pontiac G8 GXP

Pontiac became the second brand General Motors has eliminated in six years. Oldsmobile met the same fate in 2004 after being more slowly phased out over four years. Pontiac also became the ninth North American automobile brand since 1987 to be phased out, after Merkur, Passport, Asüna, Geo, Plymouth, American Motors (AMC) (renamed Eagle in 1988, only to be phased out a decade later), and Oldsmobile.

2008 Pontiac

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2008 Pontiac G8

2008 Pontiac G8

From Wikipedia:

The Pontiac G8 is a rear-wheel drive sedan that was produced by Holden, the Australian General Motors (GM) subsidiary. The G8 was released in 2008 in the United States, and in 2008 for the 2009 model year in Canada. Production stopped in mid-2009, following the GM decision to suspend the Pontiac brand. While available, the G8 took the place in the Pontiac lineup of both the Pontiac Bonneville, which ceased production after the 2005 model year, and the Pontiac Grand Prix, which ceased production after the 2008 model year. The G8 was Pontiac’s first full-size car since the Bonneville and the GTO coupe last sold in 2006. The G8 was a captive import of the Australian Holden VE Commodore.

By December 2008, the rear-drive G8 had not become the expected sales replacement for the previous front-drive models, with 11,000 unsold G8s in the inventory and just 13,000 sold. With car manufacturers worldwide threatened by the global economic downturn, market prices have dropped by $3000–5000 below GM’s sticker price for the car. By July 2009, there were only 5,000 unsold G8’s in inventory, with almost 30,700 sold.

With the imminent demise of the Pontiac brand, a result of GM’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the 2009 model year marks the end of all Pontiacs, including the G8. However, in July 2009, Bob Lutz made an off-hand comment during a press review that the G8 would be revived as the Chevrolet Caprice. Subsequently, Lutz retracted this statement, citing market conditions

2007 Pontiac

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2007 Pontiac G6

2007 Pontiac G6

Photo from; text from Wikipedia, Pontiac G6 for 2007:

The 2007 G6 saw more engine changes, and standard side torso and side curtain airbags (actually introduced late in the 2006 model year) were new. The GT now featured VVT on its 3.5 L V6, raising power from 200 hp to 224 hp. The 3.9 L V6 became an option on the GT, producing 227 horsepower in automatic transmission form and 240 horsepower in manual transmission form. The GTP was given a new 3.6 L DOHC V6 with 24 valves and VVT, producing 252 horsepower. It is mated to a six-speed automatic transmission. Midway through the model year the six-speed was dropped with the 3.9 L, along with its 240 horsepower output. The GTP convertible was also discontinued.

2006 Pontiac

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2006 Pontiac Solstice

2006 Pontiac Solstice

Pontiac introduces the new Solstice…. (information below from Wikipedia)

The Pontiac Solstice was a small sports car from the Pontiac division of General Motors. Introduced at the 2004 North American International Auto Show, the Solstice roadster began production in Wilmington, Delaware, starting in mid-2005 for the 2006 model year. The exterior styling of the production Solstice is similar to that of the 2002 Solstice concept that preceded it. Production of the Solstice was to be running before summer 2005, but delays at the Wilmington plant pushed volume production to the fourth quarter. The new hardtop targa 2009 model was announced in mid 2008. The Solstice uses the GM Kappa platform, which also underpins the Saturn Sky, Opel GT, and Daewoo G2X.

The Solstice was nominated for the North American Car of the Year award and Design of the Year award from the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC) for 2006. It was a runaway hit for Pontiac, with 7,000 orders in the first 10 days of availability and 6,000 more orders before winter. Although first-year production was planned at 7,000, GM apologized to customers for delays and increased production, delivering 10,000 by March 1.

Production ended with the closure of the Wilmington Assembly plant in July 2009.

2005 Pontiac

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2005 Pontiac Montana

2005 Pontiac Montana

Pontiac Montana

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Pontiac Montana was a minivan from the Pontiac division of General Motors. Prior to the 1997 model year, it was known as Pontiac Trans Sport. In 1997, the Trans Sport added the Montana moniker as part of an available trim package. The package proved so popular the line was renamed Montana in 1999 for the US and 2000 for Canada. For 2005, the van was redesigned with a higher, less aerodynamic nose to resemble an SUV. The Montana name was also changed to Montana SV6. It was discontinued after the 2006 model year in the United States because of slow sales, but continued to be sold in Canada and Mexico until the 2009 model year because of GM phasing out the Pontiac brand after the 2010 model year. Since their introduction, the Pontiac minivans were General Motors’ most popular minivans among consumers in Canada.

2004 Pontiac

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2004 Pontiac GTO

2004 Pontiac GTO

From the “Standard Catalog of GTO 1961-2004” by John Gunnell

“Produced by General Motors Australian subsidiary Holden, the 2004 GTO was based on the Holden Monaro, a modern car that shared many traits with the legendary GTOs on the ’60s and ’70s. The Monaro was the first all-Australian performance coupe when it was introduced in 1968.”

“To give America’s car-buying public its first look at the rebirth of the legend, Pontiac introduced show-car versions of the 2004 GTO to audiences at the Los Angeles Auto Show, the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, and the Chicago Auto Show early in 2003.”

2003 Pontiac

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2003 Pontiac

2003 Pontiac

Pontiac introduced the “Vibe”   (center vehicle in ad above)

Pontiac’s new crossover wagon shares a basic design with Toyota’s Matrix. Vibe is built in California, Matrix in Canada, and they differ in styling and features. But they use the same Toyota-sourced platform and 1.8-liter 4-cyl engines. The base-model Vibe comes with front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. With front-drive, it has 130 hp and a choice of 5-speed manual transmission or 4-speed automatic.


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