OHC-6 Parts for sale (NV)

OHC6RUS – losing house and business, liquidating: .004 oversize camshaft journal $200; cam housings, cranks, harmonic balancers, oil pumps, distributors, flywheels, starters, blocks. One complete rebuilt engine $3,500; ’69 Firebird carpet kit (green) $50; 3″ diameter 60″ aluminum drive line; 4- spd saginaw trans. The more I sell the less that will go to the scrapyard – please help me. Richard McDonough

4540 E. LAUTE DRIVE, PAHRUMP, NV 89061 Phone: 775-727-0881



5 Responses to “OHC-6 Parts for sale (NV)”

  1. Do you have any 67 OHC sprint engines? For manual cali car? ZR code?

  2. Best way to avoid scam while buying a used car! A perfect reply! Thanks for taking the trouble.

  3. sharon Burling Claridge Says:

    Hi. Trying to find a oil pump spring or possibly a complete oil pump for a 67 Lemans OHC6 Sprint engine. Would appriciate any help here at all, thanks Sharon Burling- Claridge New Zealand

  4. credit check

    OHC-6 Parts for sale (NV) | Pontiac Oakland Club International

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