National Pontiac Historical Museum

National Pontiac Historical Museum: (by Jim Stern)

In early December I was contacted by Tim Dye. During that call Tim described his plans for a National Pontiac Historical Museum. If his name rings a bell it’s likely because he is very active in our sport frequently contributing to publications we read every month. One example is the article in the December issue of Smoke Signals which covers our 2010 Uprising Show, Tim wrote it. In additional to being an author Tim is a mega-collector of all things Pontiac. One thing led to another and soon we were invited to meet Tim and his wife Peggy at the site of their museum, learn about their plans and maybe even make a contribution or two. Plans are to open the museum in Pontiac, IL the summer of 2011.


On Monday, December 13, 2010 Bill Nawrot, Doug Rudisuhle, Ken Smith, Denny Vodvarka and Jim Stern made the approximately 80 mile drive to Pontiac, Illinois. We arrived in Pontiac interested, we left excited! Public announcements will begin to appear in mid-January. We are getting a jump on almost everyone.


We met Tim & Peggy at City Hall and participated in a meeting where Tim projected photographs of his collection on screen while describing the items being viewed. He also presented his thoughts about the museum layout and operation. Joining us the entire time was Mayor Robert Russell, Pontiac’s City Manager and others. We soon learned this is going to be wide ranging in scope and nothing short of spectacular! Did you know Pontiac sold a horse drawn wagon in the late 1800’s? Tim owns one. Imagine printed documentation which alone will require over 325 feet of shelf space! Pontiacs will of course be displayed but they will not be the major thrust, think banners, flyers, brochures, models, collectables of every kind and much, much more.





Here is what you need to do right now: Mark Saturday, July 23, 2011 on your calendar. We must prepare to FILL Pontiac Illinois with Pontiacs that day in celebration of the Museum’s Grand opening. Stay tuned as additional details are revealed. A video presentation by Tim Dye at our March or April meeting is being planned.





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