1980 GMC Indy Hauler & 1980 T/A Pace Car – Jeff Pedie

GMC Indy hauler“I have been collecting cars for a few years. I collect mostly Pontiac Trans Am but a few others also. The favorites in my collection are the Pace Cars. I have 1980 Indy Trans Am Pace Car and also 1980 Indy Hauler, the matching set. I bought the car in 2005 in great condition I found it in Willmar,MN , I bought the truck in 2009 it to is in great condition. I found the truck completely by accident. Many, many people have driven right past it for years and didn’t know what it was. It was sitting in a farmer’s field by a shed as I was driving past with my boss I spotted it and we turned around to look. There it sat, I went right to the town and started asking who owned the property. I found him and went to talk to him. I bought it on the spot. I am planning to restore all my toys as soon as I can. Right now I’m working on my 1979 Daytona 500 4spd. When I’m done with that I just pick another one. I am still looking, I would like to get the Pace Trucks to go with the Pace Cars that I have. I really want the 1980 Indy Hauler Dually to complete the set. Any Pace Cars or Pace Trucks that I can find I would love to pick up.”    Owner: Jeff Pedie, Bottineau, ND



13 Responses to “1980 GMC Indy Hauler & 1980 T/A Pace Car – Jeff Pedie”

  1. Hi,

    I just read about your 1980 Indy Trans Am and 1980 Indy Hauler. I have been a fan of these for sometime now. Altough I don’t have a Indy Hauler yet, I’m still looking.

    Would like to contact you if possible, please drop me a note via my website.



  2. I’ve got a 1980 Indy Hauler that I would like to sell but don’t know what its worth, any help??

  3. Chris – email me more details/photos at pociworldhq@aol.com and I’ll see what help I can give, Paul

  4. hello, many thanks for your awesome posted blogpost about Six Flags. my opinion is the best thing in the world. Leave me a reply. And again thank you for your great post….

    […]1980 GMC Indy Hauler & 1980 T/A Pace Car – Jeff Pedie « Pontiac Oakland Club International[…]…

  5. Hey Jeff, I am restoring a 1980 Indy Hauler. Was wondering if you know where I can find a front spoiler?

    • Jeff I found that front spoiler at a car show less than 1 hour from home, when buying tickets on a 1969 Camaro pace car, amazing. Dale


  7. vittorio Says:

    I have a 1980 gmc sierra grande short box truck. This truck has been painted, but inside the door jams and on the doors you can see the dark grey paint along with the red white blue striping. The vin code on the truck is only 13 digits. I am trying to find out the value. Could you respond, I would to sell it. Vittorio

  8. Dale Link Says:

    Jeff, Dale here again just wondering if you know how many 1980 GMC Indy Haulers were offered for sale in USA.Just got information back from gm Canada, and they say 64 imported for sale in Canada.Thanks, Dale

  9. Dave Lehman Says:

    Looking for a 1980 Indy Hauler. Does anyone know of any for sale?

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