Tor Wollebaek ~ ’31 and ’65 Pontiacs

I received these a letter and two photos from Tor in the mail the other day… all the way from Norway!


1965 and 1931 Pontiac

Tor drives his '31 every summer!


Tor’s 1965 Pontiac LeMans and 1931 Pontiac Sport Coupe

Tor is the holder of our “oldest” International membership, he sent a letter to POCI founder Don Bougher dated 10/14/70 regarding joining the[I] “Pontiac Owners Roster” [/I]which evolved into POCI.


The first Pontiac

The first Pontiac built


Tor enjoying GM’s Heritage Collection (Hershey, PA in Oct 2006). This is the first Pontiac produced, and a GM Futurliner is in the background.


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