Pontiac GT-37 lovers

1970 Pontiac GT-37POCI member Larry Morris emailed me this link – cool site for GT-37 Pontiacs!


3 Responses to “Pontiac GT-37 lovers”

  1. Thanks for posting the link. http://www.GT-37.org is my website that I have been working on for quite some time, and is very much a work in progress. This will be evident as you see a lot of the links are still non-operational. I am currently concentrating on uploading a steady supply of Factory literature pertaining to the GT-37 and LeMans GT cars, along with photos as I find them. I also plan to improve the overall look of the site and get some GT-37 gear in the store.

    Please take a look around and tell your Pontiac friends.

  2. Yes im looking for a GT-37or t-37 Im in Minn

  3. michael t. miller Says:

    i have a 71 1/2 gt-37 that somebody took the valance panel off of and i need a picture of one side or the other to see how to attach the ends , i purchase a original valance on ebay so if anybody has a gt-37 could they send me a picture to my email below, thank you, mike

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