1961 Pontiac Super Duty Engine (CA)

Pontiac engineFor Sale
1961 Pontiac Super Duty Engine
389 c.i. 368 H.P. “Factory Rated”

All of this engine’s hard parts came from Mickey Thompson’s inventory in the early 1960s. This includes the factory (scripted “MT” on the back) block, forged crank and rods, NOS + .030” pistons, cyl. heads with #306 casting, 3 x 2 aluminum intake with #540510 casting, correct carbs and #1110897 distributor. These parts were “back-up” engine hardware for MT’s (2) ’61 Catalina race cars.

The engine was blueprinted and assembled by Doug Hughes of Mesa, AZ. An “up-graded” cam profile of the McKellar #10 and valve train components were utilized. NHRA block deck and head cc minimums allow a finished 11.4/1 comp. ratio. The engine dyno’ed @ 408 H.P and 438 ft. lbs. of torque. This is 40 H.P. better than the factory rating. The engine also features the correct factory deep sump oil pan, late 1961 aluminum exhaust header option and ultra-rare S.D. air cleaner assembly. This engine represents a real piece of Pontiac / Mickey Thompson race History and is mechanically and aesthetically ready for use.

There is a bonus with this engine. I know the location of Mickey Thompson’s 1961 Catalina. I have the PHS documents to prove it is a real car. This car was driven by Pete Petrie in ’61. Hayden Profit raced it at Indy and Jess Tyree won the ’62 Winternationals. Jess also set the land speed record at 168 mph at Bonneville. This car with this engine would undoubtedly be a real piece of drag racing history.

Call with any questions. I have several photos and I can put you in touch with Doug Hughes for all the information about the engine. Asking price is $25,000 firm. Trade considered. Call Dave at (714) 264-2470 (CA)

Super Duty engine


3 Responses to “1961 Pontiac Super Duty Engine (CA)”

  1. Peter Wollons Says:

    Did you sell this engine

  2. Does anyone know how much a 1961 Pontiac 4 bolt main 389 425A engine block in excellent condition would cost today?

  3. BRACH SEITZ Says:

    the intake #540510 what heads will it fit on?

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