1941 Pontiac 4-door for sale

1941 PontiacHello Pontiac car club,

I am selling a 1941 pontiac 4 door Sedan, this Pontiac was owned by the famous Edith C Shain. She was the nurse in the famous WWll picture taken in New York. Where the sailor is kissing the nurse (Edith c Shain). 2010 was the 60th year anniversary of this famous WWll picture on the front cover of TIMES-LIFE magazine. The 1941 Poniac is in good condition, body and paint are in good condition. This vehicle is in good drivable condition. Title (pink slip) is still in Edith C. Shain name.
Own a piece of history for only $15,000.00 or best offer for more information please call 951-780-9404 or mail me at AlleeMoon@aol.com   thank you for reading this email. I hope you can spread the word.

thank you again Ed

1941 Pontiac


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