Grand Prix Chapter in Auburn, Indiana

Grand Prix Chapter in Auburn, IN

What a nice line up!

POCI’s Grand Prix Chapter held its first fun car show in Auburn, IN on Sept. 10-12 and there was no question everyone had a great time. In addition to having fun, everyone had the opertunity to visit the great ACD Museum, the National Automotive & Truck Museum (NATMUS) plus five others in the area.

The city of Auburn rolled out the “red carpet” for the chapter and its guests: we had a cruise-in on Friday evening where they closed off the town square for all of our Pontiacs to park; a police guided parade tour through downtown Auburn Saturday morning to the ACD Museum with special reduced ad¬missions to several of the museums. Finally, we were offered the huge auction building to show our cars over at the new R-M Auctions park (former Kruse Auctions) and were allowed to display our Pontiacs on the two turn tables and auction ramp.

1951 PontiacYou can’t imagine my shock as I toured the NATMUS Museum to discover the only remaing ’51 Pontiac Ambulette on display. It has not been refurbished and appears in survival condition, holding up rather well for nearly 60 years. The enclosed pictures speak for themselves, though I was unable to get any closer for interior shots.

NATMUS MuseumThe town of Auburn is really dedicated to cars and everyone there went out of their way to make our stay a pleasant one. Our chapter voted unanimously to return again next year. I urge every Pontiac owner to make the trip to Auburn in the near future and see what they have done with the ACD and NATMUS museums. NATMUS featured several Pontiacs on display.

Ron Panzer

Learn more about the Grand Prix Chapter


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