1975 Grandville and 1977 Grand Prix ~ Greg Mosho

A picture of my two Pontiacs – a 1975 Grandville Convertible and a 1977 Grand Prix – at a recent car show in New Jersey.  I have owned the Grandville for almost 5 ½ years now – and was my first classic car.  I bought the Grand Prix about 4 months ago.  I also own the 1979 Lincoln Mark V Bill Blass that can be seen in the picture as well.

Greg's cars at a local car show.

My very first car, back in the early 1980’s was my parents 4 door 1973 Pontiac Catalina.  They bought it new in 1973 and I was in love with that car right from when I first saw on the lot!   But, once the Pontiac’s came out with the square headlights in 1975 – I was 8 years old – I was blown away!   I was devastated when my parents sold that Pontiac – and knew that someday I would own one – but, it had to be a convertible – and had to have square headlights – which limited it to the 1975 model – the last year for convertibles – and the first year with square headlights.  I even almost bought one back around 1990 – but, could not afford it then.  Finally, my life circumstances had changed and I was finally able to afford the car of my dreams!   It was early 2005 – and I began to shop around.  I found this car in the state of Washington.  I flew out there to look at it – bought it on the spot – and had it shipped back to New Jersey.   I am the third owner and it has 102,000 miles on it now (had 94,000 when I bought it).   I use the car regularly – and it still looks and drives amazing.  Body and paint are all original and it has a 455 that is super smooth!
Since I bought my first classic car – I have gone thru some other cars – I have had a couple of Cadillacs, an Oldsmobile and a Mercury.  Nothing has driven as nice as that Grandville – so, I have sold them and bought others.  In late 2009 – I started noticing the Grand Prix’s.  After searching for a while and seeing a number of cars – I found the two-tone brown car in Pennsylvania – in May 2010.  I am the 4th owner – and the 3rd owner – the late Tony Geiger – from Etters PA – had restored and repainted this car back from 1993 to 1995.  It is an LJ with a 400 engine.   The car drives great and is a blast to drive!  Tony belonged to the Keystone Chapter of POCI and the Grand Prix chapter of POCI – for a long time.  He kept all of his receipts and paperwork – and from that, I was able to figure out that he only put on 2,400 miles from 1992 until I bought the car in 2010!  The car now has 106,600 miles on it.  He had this car at many shows in the mid to late 90’s – and some up to 2003.  Tony even had a first place win at a 1996 “Hershey In The Spring” show.
If any other POCI members remember Tony and this car – it would be great to hear from them!
Owner: Greg Mosho, Neptune, NJ

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