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1936 GMC Pickup (IL)

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For sale: custom 1936 GMC pickup.
To get all the details, go to the following links:
1936 GMC pick up
Asking $72K, it has about 1,200 miles +/-.
Contact Randy at 618-334-4255 or via email
(Glen Carbon, IL)

Minnesota Tomahawk Chapter 13

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1940 Pontiac Street Rod

1940 Pontiac Street Rod

POCI’s Minnesota  Tomahawk Chapter hosted its 9th Annual Fall Get Together at Valley Motors in Apple Valley, MN in September.

Valley personnel once again provided a free barbeque lunch of burgers, dogs, baked beans, chips and soda to all participants.  Sunny, breezy and cool early  fall weather provided a great backdrop for another very successful show.  Over 300 pounds of can goods, provided by participants, were donated to a local food shelf program.

Thanks to Valley Motors and to all that enjoyed this wonderful annual event.

(submitted by Dave Bennett)

POCI’s GMC Truck Chapter

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Ralph Wescott's GMCs

Check out our “Member’s Rides” page.

If you are into GMC Trucks – we invite you to join up!

Land of 10,000 Stories: Fieros return to Frazee

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Tyler and his Fiero

(From Kare11 News, Minneapolis MN)

FRAZEE, Minn. — Airport welcomes take on special significance when the arriving party is a soldier recently back from Iraq.

But when two red Pontiac Fieros pulled to the curb, Sgt. Andrew Wiegle and his wife Stephanie could not have been happier with a pair of stretch limos. “It’s a very good welcome,” smiled Sgt. Weigle. “I don’t think I’ve ever had a best welcome than this.”

Not far from the airport, the two Fieros became four. And by the time the growing convoy passed through St. Cloud, those four Fieros had been joined by 25 more.

“I’m overwhelmed. I’ve never seen this many Fieros in one caravan,” said Weigle from behind the wheel of a borrowed Fiero. “I’ve never seen so many people come together for one cause.”

The cause, launched from Iraq last fall by the National Guard sergeant from Pennsylvania, started with an internet post from Tyler Shipman, a high school senior from Frazee, Minnesota, with a ragged 23-year-old Fiero and just a few months to live.

“I’m trying to find someway to get it restored before I’m gone,” he wrote on a Fiero forum.

Weigle read the post from his base in Iraq and thought to himself, “What if that was my child. What if that was my kid that had cancer. 18 years old is way too young to leave this earth without achieving one of your dreams.”

What happened next is now part of both Frazee and Fiero lore. Urged on by Wiegel online from Iraq, last November, two dozen Fiero owners from across the country descended on Frazee with thousands of dollars in donated parts. 24 hours later Tyler climbed into his newly restored car.


1941 Pontiac 4-door for sale

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1941 PontiacHello Pontiac car club,

I am selling a 1941 pontiac 4 door Sedan, this Pontiac was owned by the famous Edith C Shain. She was the nurse in the famous WWll picture taken in New York. Where the sailor is kissing the nurse (Edith c Shain). 2010 was the 60th year anniversary of this famous WWll picture on the front cover of TIMES-LIFE magazine. The 1941 Poniac is in good condition, body and paint are in good condition. This vehicle is in good drivable condition. Title (pink slip) is still in Edith C. Shain name.
Own a piece of history for only $15,000.00 or best offer for more information please call 951-780-9404 or mail me at   thank you for reading this email. I hope you can spread the word.

thank you again Ed

1941 Pontiac

1950 GMC Pickup (NC)

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1950 GMC1950 GMC pickup truck, Series 150

Beautiful red paint, red upholstery, radio, exterior sun visor, original 228” Pontiac engine, 101,715 miles. California truck, from dry Mojave, California, ZERO rust. It has beautiful oak bed. Rear end changed from 4.56 to 3.90. One family owned.

$19,950 Call Jerry Whitfield, 336-765-8312, North Carolina.

1926 and 1936 Pontiacs @ Hershey, PA Auction 10/7-8/10

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1926 Pontiac

These two fine Pontiac automobiles are being offered by RM Auctions in1936 PontiacHershey PA on 10/7-8/10.

See RM Auction’s web site for more information.

1963 Bonneville Convertible (NC)

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1963 Bonneville1963 Pontiac Bonneville convertible needing restoration.

Equipped with 389 cid V8 with 270 bhp, 4 barrel carb.(I have not tried to crank the engine), automatic transmission, power steering, power brakes, Pontiac deluxe radio, clock, power top. Car has straight bumpers. Last inspection sticker 1974. Last oil change 6/6/73 at 83817 miles. Small rust spots in drivers floor pan, none in other 3 sections of floor pans. Typical GM rust around hood edges, bottoms of doors and bottoms of rear quarter panels. Several tiny rust spots in trunk floor. Rare survivor! First $3950.(U.S.dollars) NADA classic car guide values this car: Low $18,300 Average $30,800 High $41,500 336-765-8312, North Carolina USA. Delivery available world wide.

Please do not leave a message for me at this site. I may not see it. Instead email me directly at for more pictures.

Grand Prix Chapter in Auburn, Indiana

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Grand Prix Chapter in Auburn, IN

What a nice line up!

POCI’s Grand Prix Chapter held its first fun car show in Auburn, IN on Sept. 10-12 and there was no question everyone had a great time. In addition to having fun, everyone had the opertunity to visit the great ACD Museum, the National Automotive & Truck Museum (NATMUS) plus five others in the area.

The city of Auburn rolled out the “red carpet” for the chapter and its guests: we had a cruise-in on Friday evening where they closed off the town square for all of our Pontiacs to park; a police guided parade tour through downtown Auburn Saturday morning to the ACD Museum with special reduced ad¬missions to several of the museums. Finally, we were offered the huge auction building to show our cars over at the new R-M Auctions park (former Kruse Auctions) and were allowed to display our Pontiacs on the two turn tables and auction ramp.

1951 PontiacYou can’t imagine my shock as I toured the NATMUS Museum to discover the only remaing ’51 Pontiac Ambulette on display. It has not been refurbished and appears in survival condition, holding up rather well for nearly 60 years. The enclosed pictures speak for themselves, though I was unable to get any closer for interior shots.

NATMUS MuseumThe town of Auburn is really dedicated to cars and everyone there went out of their way to make our stay a pleasant one. Our chapter voted unanimously to return again next year. I urge every Pontiac owner to make the trip to Auburn in the near future and see what they have done with the ACD and NATMUS museums. NATMUS featured several Pontiacs on display.

Ron Panzer

Learn more about the Grand Prix Chapter

1975 Grandville and 1977 Grand Prix ~ Greg Mosho

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A picture of my two Pontiacs – a 1975 Grandville Convertible and a 1977 Grand Prix – at a recent car show in New Jersey.  I have owned the Grandville for almost 5 ½ years now – and was my first classic car.  I bought the Grand Prix about 4 months ago.  I also own the 1979 Lincoln Mark V Bill Blass that can be seen in the picture as well.

Greg's cars at a local car show.

My very first car, back in the early 1980’s was my parents 4 door 1973 Pontiac Catalina.  They bought it new in 1973 and I was in love with that car right from when I first saw on the lot!   But, once the Pontiac’s came out with the square headlights in 1975 – I was 8 years old – I was blown away!   I was devastated when my parents sold that Pontiac – and knew that someday I would own one – but, it had to be a convertible – and had to have square headlights – which limited it to the 1975 model – the last year for convertibles – and the first year with square headlights.  I even almost bought one back around 1990 – but, could not afford it then.  Finally, my life circumstances had changed and I was finally able to afford the car of my dreams!   It was early 2005 – and I began to shop around.  I found this car in the state of Washington.  I flew out there to look at it – bought it on the spot – and had it shipped back to New Jersey.   I am the third owner and it has 102,000 miles on it now (had 94,000 when I bought it).   I use the car regularly – and it still looks and drives amazing.  Body and paint are all original and it has a 455 that is super smooth!
Since I bought my first classic car – I have gone thru some other cars – I have had a couple of Cadillacs, an Oldsmobile and a Mercury.  Nothing has driven as nice as that Grandville – so, I have sold them and bought others.  In late 2009 – I started noticing the Grand Prix’s.  After searching for a while and seeing a number of cars – I found the two-tone brown car in Pennsylvania – in May 2010.  I am the 4th owner – and the 3rd owner – the late Tony Geiger – from Etters PA – had restored and repainted this car back from 1993 to 1995.  It is an LJ with a 400 engine.   The car drives great and is a blast to drive!  Tony belonged to the Keystone Chapter of POCI and the Grand Prix chapter of POCI – for a long time.  He kept all of his receipts and paperwork – and from that, I was able to figure out that he only put on 2,400 miles from 1992 until I bought the car in 2010!  The car now has 106,600 miles on it.  He had this car at many shows in the mid to late 90’s – and some up to 2003.  Tony even had a first place win at a 1996 “Hershey In The Spring” show.
If any other POCI members remember Tony and this car – it would be great to hear from them!
Owner: Greg Mosho, Neptune, NJ