1976 GMC Sprint (GMC’s El Camino version) (IN)

1976 GMC Sprint1976 GMC Sprint (GMC’s El Camino version)

This car has been in family since new.  Special order car with straight six, automatic and air.  GMC said it was the only one like it built in 1976.  Everyday transportation vehicle; had body work and repaint in original Cream color in 2003.  Haven’t had the time or budget to fully restore, and kids are too busy for a project car.  Would like to find a good home for this rare truck.  Vehicle spent it’s life in South Alabama and Texas, before coming to Indiana in 2002.  The center section, where these vehicle rusted through and broke in half (why they are so rare in any version) is solid and the deck panel sealed to stop water from dripping through.  Original paperwork, owners manual and repair reciepts with it. Anyone with ATHS connections will know it as Slim Whatley’s Sprint (my uncle).  Picture of this truck was in Car Collector magazine’s 2000 ElCamino article (my copy of the magazine goes with it).  Asking $2500.  John Nystrom, 765-689-9997.  More photos available.


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  1. did it sell

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