1978 Bonneville (Michael Berry)

1978 Bonneville Brougham

1978 Bonneville Brougham

My 1978 Bonneville Brougham was built at the Fairfax Plant in Kansas City Kansas.  Delivered to the Champ Hinton dealership in Ft Smith Arkansas.  For the first two years it was an executive lease for the local Ft Smith Coca-Cola Bottling Co.  When it was turned in my Grandmother bought it.  She was 80 yrs old at the time and her 1956 Oldsmobile had just shot craps on her.  Her driving skills finally became a danger to herself and others when she was 82 yrs old.  After that my random cousins and uncles would drive her around in it.  Mamaw passed away in 1997 at the age of 97 and the Bonneville was still in the garage.  In 1998 I called my uncle and asked if anyone else in the family was interested in it?  And if not, would he sell it to me.  The answers were “No” and “Yes, I will”. It stayed in my Mom’s garage in Springfield Missouri till 2006 only being driven on rare occasions.  In late 2006 I started the restoration process.  The silver color finish had oxidized to a chalk like mess and the burgundy velour interior wasn’t exactly fresh anymore.  The paint/body man took all the chrome off and painted it back to the color Pontiac called “Platinum” and a new interior including headliner was installed over the winter of 2006/2007.

I took it to my first POCI Club sponsored event in the summer of 2007. The Bonneville and I will be in Branson for the Show Me Regional Meet on Labor Day.

(photographer Emily Jean Horn)

POCI Member Michael Berry


2 Responses to “1978 Bonneville (Michael Berry)”

  1. What a great picture of two classics!

  2. Jane Horn Says:

    Love the story, love the pic (who was the photographer again???) Justin says two clasics but I see three 🙂

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