New Pontiac-Oakland Memorabilia Book-by Tim Dye

The Extreme Collector Pontiac-Oakland Memorabilia

The Extreme Collector Pontiac-Oakland Memorabilia by Tim Dye

Great new book by POCI member Tim Dye, 130 pages, full color.
Order from Tim’s web site.

3 Responses to “New Pontiac-Oakland Memorabilia Book-by Tim Dye”

  1. Dear Mr. Dye
    WGLT is the public radio station near Pontiac Illinosi, along old Route 66. An article in Friday’s New York Times indicated your plans to bring a Pontiac museum to Pontiac Illinois. We’d love to talk with you about it. Please contact:
    Jim Browne
    (309) 438-7869 (WGLT)
    (309) 828-1695 (home)
    at your convenience.
    Thank you.
    James P. Browne

  2. Tim,

    I saw the NYT article and some of your collection in the background. My father owned a 1929 pontiac landaulet in the 1930’s when I was young. There is a picture of it at a site if you google with that entry. I found one of the same color scheme (green body, cream fenders, while canvas top, spoke wheels) which was pretty much a wreck. I declined to tackle it.

    This is sent from Bay Area of CA. Do you have any information that could lead me to acquire this model?

    Thanks, Lee Selna

  3. jack adams Says:

    tim, would you be interested in buying my Pontiac Chief HUBCAP?
    It is chrome, w a bronze center upon wh is a Chief’s Head in relief.
    It is in good shape. $125

    drop me a line.

    where is the proposed museum? i want to visit.


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