April 27th

To all Pontiac car owners as a reminder,

Yes, this April 27th will be one year since the date GM announced:

‘that the Pontiac brand/division would no longer exist,after the 2010 model year’.

What a sad, even scary time that was by, not knowing which dealerships would close their doors,

how many [more] people would loose their jobs,big part supplier cut backs, many area retail

store closings, some people in ‘foreclosure’,State unemployment and welfare apps were way up,

people moving out of State….Not a good time in this area of S.E. Michigan.

But, in this one year GM repaid their Government [yes,tax payer] loan in 9 months,thats more than 4 years


USA Car quality is way up, to the point that more American people feel that the US cars have better quality

‘than the Asian/Korean crap,[I meant cars]’!

Ford Motors are doing far better with their new models and made a big profit this quarter!

Chrysler should hopefully be OK, the TV news states ‘they made a profit’.

Maybe the American People as a whole are waking up,by [finally]realising that this country depends on the auto industry to survive, at least/mostly here in Michigan?

By restarting their confident’s in [our] country by purchasing that US made,but hopefully a US [brand] automobile. Just like we did in years back.

I had NEVER bought a foreign brand car/truck,and really don’t understand why some people do/did?

Answer me this,’If the buying of that non-American car is to be so good for this country,

than why is this country in the shape it’s in’??

Now,some local part suppliers,tool/die shops are ‘back to being quite busy again’ with re-hiring their laid-off

employees and even hiring [new] people to build their auto parts!

With ‘new’ car models coming out in 2011, meaning that a few idled/closed auto plants just may reopen?

Putting 100’s of people back to work,paying taxes, buying food,going out to eat,keep their home,get a

appliance and maybe get that new US car?

Plus some closed GM dealerships just may re-open or may not close at all?

This was not meant to be a ‘speech’ but just my feelings on OUR situation.

But, I do know things were a lot better before all of this [crap] happened, and

one way to get [US] back on track is to buy that US auto,

like I ‘PROUDLY’ do, period

Jim Larson

These are my words/opinion, not necessarily of any other.

PS- AM, you can print this if you want, I just felt this is a date we should all remember,and what happened in just one year.


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