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All Pontiac

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All Pontiac

Smoke Signals advertiser,  click on above link to open .pdf file

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Art Fitzpatrick – Pontiac prints

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Art Fitzpatrick great prints available

Visit Art’s web site for the complete selection and all the ordering details.

New Pontiac-Oakland Memorabilia Book-by Tim Dye

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The Extreme Collector Pontiac-Oakland Memorabilia

The Extreme Collector Pontiac-Oakland Memorabilia by Tim Dye

Great new book by POCI member Tim Dye, 130 pages, full color.
Order from Tim’s web site.

April 27th

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To all Pontiac car owners as a reminder,

Yes, this April 27th will be one year since the date GM announced:

‘that the Pontiac brand/division would no longer exist,after the 2010 model year’.

What a sad, even scary time that was by, not knowing which dealerships would close their doors,

how many [more] people would loose their jobs,big part supplier cut backs, many area retail

store closings, some people in ‘foreclosure’,State unemployment and welfare apps were way up,

people moving out of State….Not a good time in this area of S.E. Michigan.

But, in this one year GM repaid their Government [yes,tax payer] loan in 9 months,thats more than 4 years


USA Car quality is way up, to the point that more American people feel that the US cars have better quality

‘than the Asian/Korean crap,[I meant cars]’!

Ford Motors are doing far better with their new models and made a big profit this quarter!

Chrysler should hopefully be OK, the TV news states ‘they made a profit’.

Maybe the American People as a whole are waking up,by [finally]realising that this country depends on the auto industry to survive, at least/mostly here in Michigan?

By restarting their confident’s in [our] country by purchasing that US made,but hopefully a US [brand] automobile. Just like we did in years back.

I had NEVER bought a foreign brand car/truck,and really don’t understand why some people do/did?

Answer me this,’If the buying of that non-American car is to be so good for this country,

than why is this country in the shape it’s in’??

Now,some local part suppliers,tool/die shops are ‘back to being quite busy again’ with re-hiring their laid-off

employees and even hiring [new] people to build their auto parts!

With ‘new’ car models coming out in 2011, meaning that a few idled/closed auto plants just may reopen?

Putting 100’s of people back to work,paying taxes, buying food,going out to eat,keep their home,get a

appliance and maybe get that new US car?

Plus some closed GM dealerships just may re-open or may not close at all?

This was not meant to be a ‘speech’ but just my feelings on OUR situation.

But, I do know things were a lot better before all of this [crap] happened, and

one way to get [US] back on track is to buy that US auto,

like I ‘PROUDLY’ do, period

Jim Larson

These are my words/opinion, not necessarily of any other.

PS- AM, you can print this if you want, I just felt this is a date we should all remember,and what happened in just one year.

Engine Codes and more

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Year One has a great resource page for Pontiac engine codes of the 1960s-1970s

2010 Pontiac

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This concludes a blog posting series on Pontiac advertising 1926 – 2010.

Scroll down for a trip through the years, one ad from each year – ENJOY!

2010 Pontiac Vibe

2010 Pontiac Vibe

2010 Pontiac Vibe


2009 Pontiac

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From Wikipedia:

2009 Pontiac

2009 Pontiac Brochure

On December 2, 2008, General Motors announced that it was considering eliminating numerous brands, including Pontiac, in order to appease Congress in hope of receiving a 25 billion dollar loan. On February 17, 2009, GM originally proposed the elimination of its Saturn division, the sale of Saab, and either the sale or elimination of Hummer, depending on whether a buyer could be found quickly. In the original plan GM also clarified that Pontiac would have begun to focus on “niche” models aimed at the “youthful and sporty” segment, but did not provide specifics. Pontiac was to trim its number of models to four, although there was talk of retaining only one model. By April 2009 several automotive websites and business publications were reporting that GM was doing a study suggesting it might eliminate the brand altogether, along with sister truck brand GMC. On April 23 a report was published stating the company would be dropping the Pontiac brand while preserving the GMC truck line, as well as the Chevrolet, Cadillac, and Buick brands. The decision to eliminate Pontiac was made primarily due to the increasing threat of a bankruptcy filing if the June 1 deadline could not be met. On April 27, 2009, GM officially announced that Pontiac would be dropped and that all of its remaining models would be phased out by the end of 2010.

General Motors will cut an additional 7,000 to 8,000 factory jobs in the United States and shed 2,600 dealers by 2010 under a revised business plan developed with the Obama administration. GM Chief Executive Officer Fritz Henderson said the Pontiac brand would be closed by 2010, calling it an “extremely personal decision.” In addition to speeding up decisions on Saturn, Saab and Hummer, GM will be left with four brands – Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac.

The G6 was the last Pontiac built in the U.S.

In early May, 2009, Jim Waldron, a Davison, Michigan Pontiac dealer, announced that he was interested in purchasing the Pontiac brand and logos, and had found financing to purchase them as well as some soon-to-be shuttered GM plants in order to build cars. However, GM had already decided to retire the brand as it has began to sell off its remaining inventory and said that, unlike Saturn, the brand was not for sale.

The last American Pontiac, a 2010 G6, was built on November 25, 2009 at the Orion Assembly plant. No public farewell took place, although a group of plant employees documented the event. In December 2009, the last Pontiac-branded vehicle to roll off an assembly line was in the Canadian-market Pontiac G3 Wave, manufactured in South Korea by GM Daewoo.

The Pontiac brand was pulled after the 2009 model year in Mexico and the brand was renamed as Matiz, while selling only one vehicle, the Matiz G2 (Matiz’s logo is similar to Pontiac’s logo).

2009 Pontiac

2009 Pontiac G8 GXP

Pontiac became the second brand General Motors has eliminated in six years. Oldsmobile met the same fate in 2004 after being more slowly phased out over four years. Pontiac also became the ninth North American automobile brand since 1987 to be phased out, after Merkur, Passport, Asüna, Geo, Plymouth, American Motors (AMC) (renamed Eagle in 1988, only to be phased out a decade later), and Oldsmobile.