1983 Pontiac

1983 Pontiac

1983 Pontiac

From the “Standard Catalog of Pontiac 1926-1995” by John Gunnell and Ron Kowalke

“Firebirds added a five-speed gearbox, and the 2000 series of J-cars got a standard fuel-injected engine and five-speed manual shift. On a minor note, the ‘T’ disappeared from the T1000 and the ‘J’ from the 2000 models. Far more noteworthy was the arrival of a 2000 (Sunbird) convertible, the first ragtop Pontiac since 1975. Returning this year was a full-size sedan and wagon, under the Parisienne name.”

“Production fell for the 4th year in-a-row. Pontiac was trying to boost its performance image at this time, with the debut of a high-output V-8 for the Trans Am as well as the Euro-styled 6000 STE. Over 1/4th of the engines in 1983 were V-8s, as opposed to less than 16 percent year earlier.”

1983 model year production = 462,279

1983 Pontiac Motorsports

1983 Pontiac Motorsports


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  1. Kristopher Gerbracht Says:

    I was in the POCI twice. In 88 to 90, and again from 2008 to 2009 whwn I moved to S. Korea to teach English. I currently own 2 1985 6000 STE, one I bought in 88 and the other I bought in 2007. They both run and in August, I drove from Tacoma, WA to Long Beach, CA then back through Bishop, CA back to WA. The car achieved 26 mpg and was trouble free. When I return, I will sign up again.

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