1981 Pontiac

1981 Pontiac Grand Prix

1981 Pontiac Grand Prix

From John Gunnell’s book “75 Years of Pontiac Oakland“:

“Like other American car makers troubled by falling sales, PMD looked to 1981 as a transitional year. The company’s plan called for meeting the import challenge with a two-stage changeover to smaller and higher-mileage products. Appearing in the fall were 25 familiar models in five lines. They were said to offer ‘More Pontiac Know-How to the Gallon’.  The emphasis was on styling and technical refinements designed to provide better fuel economy without any loss of luxury or sportiness. Scheduled for release later – in mid-season – were all-new T1000 Hatch Backs and a four model J2000 series. These were called GM ‘world-cars’…. products sourced and built at various plants and sold, under different nameplates, around the globe.”

“Pontiac stylists and engineers achieved a nice balance in the new Grand Prix. It was personified by super-clean looks and a low-profile nose with improved aerodynamics.”

Other notes:
The Grand Am nameplate was retired. Total production for 1981 = 600,543


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