1978 Pontiac

1978 Pontiac Firebird

1978 Pontiac Firebird

From John Gunnell’s book “75 Years of Pontiac Oakland“:

“PMD’s strong market performance during 1976-1977 earned the division fourth rank on industry sakes charts both years, behind Chevrolet, Ford and Oldsmobile in that order. Sale totals were 900,380 for 1978.”

“Complete redesign of the LeMans intermediates and personal/luxury Grand Prix; the return of the Grand Am, and continued engineering and fuel economy gains were highlights of the season. The mid-sized Grand LeMans, LeMans and Grand Prix were lighter  and shorter than before, providing better miles-per-gallon while retaining traditions of comfort and roominess. The Phoenix totally replaced the Ventura and the Sunbird nameplate replaced the Astre as Pontiacs compacts and sub-compacts, respectively.”

“Firebirds were now, in comparison to others, looking like fairly “big” Pontiacs and were selling in the same way. Series output set a new high record of 187,285 units. Continuing to benefit from “limited-edition” merchandising techniques, PMD introduced specially-appointed Espirit models known as the custom “”Sky Bird” and “Red Bird”. The Black-finished Trans Am “Special Edition” was seen again, too, but just for a short time. A Gold-finished substitute with Black graphics was a replacement after the selling began.”

“In June, 1979, the members of the Pontiac-Oakland Club International had the pleasure of hearing an unforgettable speech by Bob Stempel at the club’s annual meet. It was held at the GM Tech Center.”

1978 Pontiac Phoenix

1978 Pontiac Phoenix


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