1966 Pontiac

1966 Pontiac

1966 Pontiac

From John Gunnell’s book “75 Years of Pontiac Oakland“:

“The year 1966 marked Pontiac’s 40th birthday and the division celebrated the event by building its 11-millionth passenger car in June.  This was the first year with John Z. DeLorean as PMD’s general manager and the production total for 1966 was 831,331 cars.”

A Canadian Pontiac ad is shown below

1966 Grand Parisienne

1966 Grand Parisienne

One Response to “1966 Pontiac”

  1. charles coker 1953 pontiac technical advisor Says:

    having owned in the past, both a 1966 GTO tripower,4 speed,3.55 positraction rearend,headrest equipped two door hardtop, and a 1966 bonneville safari stationwagon with power steering, brakes, windows,tailgate window,six way seat, a/c. i can say that 1966 pontiacs are very good looking and high performance automobiles

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