1965 Pontiac: Motor Trend Car of the Year

1965 Pontiac

1965 Pontiac Grand Prix

From John Gunnell’s book: “75 Years of Pontiac Oakland“:

“The completely redesigned 1964 Tempest proved a great success. Pete Estes had taken “Bunkie” Knutsen’s image-changing program and packaged it for the showroom. Ther result was the best sales year in Pontiac’s history. For 1965, the big cars would be similarily repackaged, while the intermediate line got a facelift and technical refinements. To thousands of buyers, the work “Pontiac” was becoming synonymous with super street performance wrapped-up in a sporty high-styled automobile.”

“Pontiac sales jumped 19.3 percent with 802,000 cars produced. This was 9.4% 0f America’s 1965 cars and its products were so highly recognized the Motor Trend awarded the “Car of the Year” honors to the entire Pontiac line for “styling and engineering leadership in the development of personalized passenger cars.”

1965 Pontiac GTO

1965 Pontiac GTO


One Response to “1965 Pontiac: Motor Trend Car of the Year”

  1. Motor Trend Car of the Year ? I would say trend car of 1900’s, the wheelbase and the body is so well designed even the engine seems good!!

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