1964 Pontiac – “Little GTO” is born!

1964 GTO

1964 GTO - "The Great One"

From John Gunnell’s book “75 Years of Pontiac Oakland“:

“In late October, the “Grand Turismo Omologato” package was announced for Tempest LeManses as a $295 option. GTO equipment included a 325 hp 389 c.i. displacement V-8; special camshaft; special hydraulic lifters; “421 H-O” cylinder heads;  four-barrel Carter carburetor; specially valved shock absorbers; seven-blade 18″ fan with cut-off clutch; dual exhaust; special six-inch wide wheel rims; red-strip nylon low-profile tires;  identification medallions; twin simulated hood scoops; six GTO emblems; engine turned dash insert; bucket seats; special high-rate springs and longer rear stabilizers.”

“Big Pontiacs got a big facelift for 1964. The full-size Pontiac’s “Coke-bottle” shape got even more emphasis in 1964, with a bulge beginning just behind the mid-body and running through the back fenders. New model variations-officially listed as trim kits-included a luxurious Bonneville Brougham and a sporty Catalina 2+2.”

“Pontiac Motor Division captured a record-breaking 9.1 percent of the total new car market and remained the third ranked automaker in American industry.” Total production = 715,261

1964 GTO

1964 GTO


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