1963 Pontiac

1963 Pontiac

1963 Pontiac Bonneville

From John Gunnell’s book “75 Years of Pontiac Oakland

“In 1963 Pontiac Motor Division quit the horsepower race while still in the lead. Emphasis switched towards marketing products with increased style and luxury.

1963 Grand Prix

1963 Grand Prix

The Grand Prix was back as the hit of the season. Aimed at the sports-luxury bracket in the medium-priced field, the distinctive two-door Hardtop was restyled end-to-end. Attractions included a Catalina size body with excess trim deleted; a grille stressing negative space with bright accents and enclosed parking lamps; a concave rear window, grilled-over deck mounted taillights; a wood-grained steering wheel and dash trim; special solid tone upholstery; bucket seats; center console incorporating a vacuum gauge, and “Bonneville” engine. This car was immediately popular and model sales jumped 140 percent.”

PMD ended up with an 8.4 percent of market share and production of 590,071 cars.


2 Responses to “1963 Pontiac”

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  2. bert walkley Says:

    Had a dark blue 421 63 that was the best car I ever had.What a thrill. To bad they are all the same nowdays.

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