1962 Pontiac

1962 Pontiac

1962 Pontiac Grand Prix

From John Gunnell’s book “75 Years of Pontiac Oakland”:

“At the end of the 1961 model year, “Bunkie” Knudsen joined Chevroilet as general manager and Pete Estes replaced him at Pontiac. John Z. DeLorean became PMD’s chief engineer. Styling and engineering for 1962 reflected a number of refinements, some of great importance to collectors today.”  (Including the introduction of the sporty and luxurious Grand Prix model, shown above).

1962 Pontiac

1962 Pontiac

“Styling revisions for full-sized cars included a more pronounced “V” shape twin grille, full-length side sculpturing, higher roof lines and a redone rear end with taillights curving upwards to emphasize width. There was good news for enthusiasts this season when the factory began building 421 cubic inch Super-Duty motors.”

Production totals for 1962 came in at 521,933 cars, placing Pontiac in third rank in industry.


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