1958 Pontiac

1958 Pontiac

1958 Pontiac

From John Gunnell’s book “75 Years of Pontiac Oakland”:

“A 1958 recession sent American auto sales plummeting 31.4 percent, to the lowest point in ten years. Pontiac’s production and market share both declined more than the average, to just 217,303 units and 5.1 percent penetration. Buyers were rebelling against annual price increases, higher operating costs and the philosophy that ‘bigger was better’.”

“Two Bonneville models – Coupe and Convertible – were now in separate series with top-dollar prices. Both had distinctive front fender script; lettering on the hood and deck; chevron slashes behind the front wheel cutout; rocker panel moldings; “arrow feather” cove trim; four chrome stars; ribbed deck treatment; leather interiors and special color and upholstery touches. The four-barrel “Tempest 395” V-8 was standard and the designation stood for pounds-feet of torque – not horsepower – which was the same on Star Chiefs.  Just before Christmas 1957 a Super-Tempest 395-A racing engine was released. It came in a $233 to $254 “PK” four-barrel version with 315 hp or a $320 to $330 “PM” Tri-power setup of 330 hp.”

“A limited-edition “Golden Jubilee” Pontiac was created to honor GM’s 50th anniversary and to give future collectors something to lust after.”

1958 Pontiac

1958 Pontiac


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