1951 Pontiac

1951 Pontiac

1951 Pontiac Silver Anniversary

From John Gunnell’s book “75 Years of Pontiac Oakland“:

“The medallion seen in ads and literature depicted the Pontiac brave’s head with the simple inscription “1926-1951″ and a Silver Anniversary message was crystal clear. For its 25th year celebration PMD announced new models with 27 styling changes and 16 mechanical improvements. Some changes were the result of deepening U.S. military activity in Korea. In June, thinner chrome plating protected by lacquer was adopted.”

“Model year production began on November 27, 1950 and the cars hit the showrooms around December 11. Sales got off to a flying start with a special Silver Anniversary promotion moving 18,400 units in just 10 days – an all time record. 1951 was Pontiac’s second best year ever, with the company remaining America’s number 5 maker and building its 4,000,000 car – a Catalina on August 11.  Total production 370,159 for all models.”

“On April 30 Pontiac broke ground on a new Pontiac, Michigan plant for production of “Otter” amphibious cargo carriers for the U.S. Army.”

1951 Pontiac

1951 Pontiac & AC Spark Plugs

We see some “co-branding” advertising in this Pontiac and AC Spark Plug ad.


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