1946 Pontiac

1946 Pontiac

1946 Pontiac

From John Gunnell’s book “75 Years of Pontiac Oakland“:

“The war weary American public was anxious to purchase any available automobiles.  June 1946 marked a return to full line production at Pontiac, with six additional body styles appearing in two lines – Torpedo Six and Torpedo Eight – series ’25’ and ’27’ respectively. Two additional B-bodied cars –  a four-door fastback and DeLuxe Station Wagon also appeared. The Station Wagon was the most expensive model ($2,019 for a Six and $2,047 for an Eight).”

“A total of 137,640 cars were made for the year.”

One Response to “1946 Pontiac”

  1. ray stahnke Says:

    I know who has the 1964,pontiac marques iv,shown at the 1964 chicago auto show! It needs some wrk, still “rust-free”& complete.it is for sale.there is only ” 1 ” 1964. In the entire world.. “it it still in chicago..”Best-(reasonable ) offer. Seller is not greedy.simply needs the room.willing to take much less than you might expect…realy wants to sell.

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