1964 Pontiac Bonneville Convert – Grand Marque IV (IL)

Rec’d at POCI 2/17/10

From: Tony Caballero [mailto:tonycaballero@sbcglobal.net]
Sent: Wednesday, February 17, 2010 10:38 PM
Cc: Dean Lanos
Subject: Pontiac-Oakland Club International | ’64 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible Grand Marque IV

Pontiac-Oakland Club Internaional:

I ran into your website surfing the web and the purpose of this message is regarding my friend’s interest in the sale of the above subject one-of-a-kind ’64 Bonneville convertible.

Attached is a copy of the subject vehicle’s article as featured in the issue of Pontiac Enthusiast Magazine of March / April 1999, based on my friend (Dean Lanos) contacting GM + Pontiac who you will note authenticated this vehicle.

Also attached are color photos of the vehicle.  The vehicle’s interior is in pristine condition with all-white leather seating and door interiors, and original authentic leopard skin striping on the seat centers (front + rear), and side door panels. Portions of the exterior will require restoration work with all original vehicle parts in garage storage with the vehicle here in Chicago. By copy of this e-mail to Dean Lanos I am informing him of our contact for dialog relative to interest from you or parties that may be interested in the purchase and restoration of such a vehicle.

You may reach us via the telephone numbers provided below, and thank you in advance for your attention.

Anthony Caballero

t:   773 794 1498

m: 773 791 1400

1964 Pontiac Benneville Grand Marque IV

Article from 1999 on the car

1964 Pontiac Grand Marque IV

1964 Pontiac Bonneville Grand Marque IV

2 Responses to “1964 Pontiac Bonneville Convert – Grand Marque IV (IL)”

  1. is this car available – any rust issues?

    • Jeff Miller Says:

      The car is still available. No rust at all. It has been in the garage for about 30 years without being driven at all.

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