1943 Pontiac

1943 Pontiac

1943 Pontiac

Due to war, restrictions on the sale of new cars came into effect.

From John Gunnell’s book “75 Years of Pontiac Oakland“:

“Ads this year stressed the division’s war and defense efforts.”

“Pontiac Motors’ war effort had begun even earlier, on March 6, 1941, when the first order for the Oerlikon anti-aircraft cannon had been received. But, once the  terror of war struck even closer to home, additional armament and support materials began to roll from the company’s plants. Soon, the division would be making the Bofors automatic field gun; anti-aircraft torpedos; tank axles, diesel engine parts and truck engine parts. At the same time, Pontiac would also begin building GMC buses for the civilian wartime market.”

“The Bofors 40 mm field gun could be in action within 25 seconds and was capable of throwing shells into the air at the rate at 120 per minute, The Bofors guns were built in a 217,000 square foot area in the former Pontiac sheet metal plant.”


One Response to “1943 Pontiac”

  1. charles l. coker, 1953 pontiac technical advisor Says:

    a 1942 pontiac was the very last regular production car built, it came off the assembly line on feb.10th, 1942.

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