1942 Pontiac

1942 Pontiac

1942 Pontiac

From John Gunnell’s book “75 Years of Pontiac Oakland“:

“Most Pontiac advertisements stressed three factors this year. First, that the cars were still being built with traditional quality and long-life reliability. Second, that Eights were now priced uniformly at $25 above Sixes in the same body style and trim level. And third, that PMD was doing its part in the war effort with the production of automatic anti-aircraft cannon for the U.S. Navy. Within a month after Pearl Harbor, Pontiac Motors (the true corporate description used in this era) became the first automaker to earn a Navy “E” Pennant for production excellence.”

“Stylingwise, the 1942 models looked lower, heavier and broader. The hoods, grilles and bumpers were wider than  ever before. Headlamps were spaced further apart and flanked by a massive, rounded grille shell with six horizontal bars. Low grille extensions, with nine vertical openings, were positioned to each side.”

“The most expensive Pontiac in both the six and eight cylinder lines was the Streamliner-Chieftain Station Wagon($1,315 for the Six and $1,340 for the Eight).”


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