1935 Pontiac

1935 Pontiac

1935 Pontiac

From John Gunnell’s book “75 Years of Pontiac Oakland“:

“The automobile industry made a strong recovery in 1935. By the end of the year sales returned to about 80 percent of 1929’s record level. America was inching out of the Depression, but the car buying habits of her people had changed. No longer would coupes and convertibles be hot selling items. Even 8-cylinder sales had reached a plateau. It was the age of the practical family car. The 5-passenger six-cylinder sedan had replaced the 1020’s touring as the mainstay of most manufacturers.”

“All Pontiac models has certain common features. Most prominent was Silver Streak trim, which soon became a company tradition. This was designed to give both the Sixes and Eights a common appearance. Another similarity was the brand new, all-steel, “Turret-Top” Fisher bodies, which were used on all Pontiacs at January introduction time.”


One Response to “1935 Pontiac”

  1. We have had a 1935 Pontiac 4dr.canadian model slant truck for 0ver 40 years. Am looking for the metal part directly behind the
    inside front door handles…….also both rear seat armrests over the
    rear wheel house.
    Any help is appreciated.

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