1934 Pontiac

1934 Pontiac

1934 Pontiac

1934 Pontiac

From John Gunnell’s book “75 Years of Pontiac Oakland“:

“The new Pontiacs, although not drastically restyled, offered buyers a more impressive look that emphasized horizontal character lines. A full seven inches was added to the length of the hoods, making a much slimmer cowl line than seen in 1933. New Multi-Beam headlights were housed in torpedo-shaped shells, finished in body color and supported by massive pedestals. Unusually long, plated taillights appeared and featured a trumpet-like shape. The radiators were said to have a one-inch greater slope. The fenders were still skirted and valanced and the hood sides had long, horizontal openings filled with a Cadillac-type grille. It’s been said the Frank Hershey created this design with a scrap of material salvaged off the floor of a Cadillac studio.”

“The standard hood ornament for the 1934 Pontiac Eights was very similar in design to the 1933 Indian head in circle design, although the base for the later edition was more of a “teardrop” shape.”

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