1926 Pontiac… Year one…

1926 Pontiac - Year 1

From John Gunnell’s book, “75 Years of Pontiac Oakland”:

“The Pontiac was created to supply a six, of high quality, which would sell for the price of a four-cylinder car. The new car was first announced in the New York Times, January 3, 1926. It appeared at the Grand Central Palace Automobile Show a week later. It was clearly an answer to Alfred P. Sloan, Jr.’s desire  of having  a General Motors car for every purse and purpose. It had been designed to plug the $330 price gap separating Oldsmobile from Chevrolet, on the lower end of the pricing ladder. Oakland was selected to sell Pontiac because the company was the first arm of then corporation to feel the decline of medium priced cars. It was hoped that the $825 six would salvage the future for Oakland’s dealers.”

“The heart of the Pontiac was the new, moderate speed six-cylinder engine. It developed 36 hp at 2,400 r.p.m. Compression ratio 4.8:1″


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