Greetings from Tampa Bay.   Now that winter is finally over down here, (all 8 days of it), it’s time to get the Pontiac’s out and running again.   We here in the 1st POCI chapter have an active schedule of events coming in the next several month with many more in the planning stages. Some on the highlights along with our monthly meetings will include our annual car show on March 7th at the Pier in St. Petersburg overlooking beautiful Tampa Bay.  This is a fantastic venue for this annual show.
April 25th, we will attending and putting on a Pontiac display for the Clearwater Threshers minor league baseball game.   The Threshers are affiliated with the Philadelphia Phillies.   This event will include the game itself as well as a cruise around the warning track inside Brighthouse field here in Clearwater. May 16th we will host “Pontiac’s at the beach”.  We have the Ft. Desoto beach in St. Petersburg reserved for the day with a cookout mid-day and a full day of fun filled family activities.   Ft. Desoto has been rated several times as the best beach in the country. For more information on these or other future events or how to become involved in the Florida chapter, please contact our club president, Rich @ 813-929-3405; the event coordinator, Fred @ 727-744-0548 or email Fred @: fastboat1995@aol.com As always, Pontiac and Tampa Bay Rock !!!!!



  1. Rick Pentecost Says:

    Hello, Are Bill & Joan Webb still a member of the Fl. Chapter? We used to be members of the Fl. chapter back in the 80s. Thanks.


  2. family activities are very nice to have, it also strengthens the bond among family members *”:

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