Chief Pontiac emblem – handmade

Chief Pontiac emblem

Hand crafted by POCI member Mike Leonard.  These cool “Chief Pontiac”  medals are made from clean lead (old wheel weights, old lead pipes, etc. size = approx 2”).

$20 each, shipping included. Mike will donate a portion of the proceeds to the POCI Pontiac Commercial and Professional Vehicle Chapter.

Send a check or money order made out to Mike Leonard and mail to: PO Box 14, Wood River, NE 68883


3 Responses to “Chief Pontiac emblem – handmade”

  1. burt mugavero Says:

    I have an 8 ft. statue of Chief Pontiac that was in the Pontiac
    showrooms back in the late 40s Any interest?
    303 388 5191

  2. Thanks Burt – I’ll post this on our Facebook page too for you, I would think that our members may have some interest in that statue, thanks for the reply, Paul

  3. Burt – from one of our members when I posted this on our Facebook page: “No,but I have a 15 foot of Chief Pontiac in my yard that was carved by chain-saw from a huge old maple I had to take down. Never saw one like yours,were they very common? Photos of my carving are in one of my “facebook” albums.”

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