Early Times Chapter – 2009 “Flathead Reunion”

From the ETC web site

2009 Flathead Reunion in review:
I am happy to say we had another great Flathead Reunion last month.  Thanks to all who attended and a special thanks to the committee for all the hard work they put into organizing these events.  The amazing news is the event made a small, let me highlight the word small, profit.
I think the real plus feature to the whole event was the weather.  I am going to tell you it was perfect!  OK, perhaps I am a little biased since this is my neighborhood, but it truly was as good as it gets.  Each day featured a fun activity and at night we all gathered on the “front porch” of the hotel to enjoy each other’s company.  “Enjoy each other’s company”, I think that is the key to these events.
I’ll not spend much more time on the event as I am sure Pete will have a great story and some photos to go with it.  I will add these thoughts: Reid Williamson showed up unexpectedly and that got him the long distance driven award. Arnold and Lois Landvoigt couldn’t get the windshield wipers to work on their ’37 and ended up bringing it on a trailer, which won them the long distance-trailer award.  I do not think that is the way Arn wanted to be remembered at this event, but things happen.  Fred and Marilyn Lewis had the best post war display and best pre war display went to Dwight and Nancy Ford.  Several people had problems and their cars did not make it to Amana.  Of course, you saw the story of Don Kline’s woes in last month’s ETCetera.  But on the same list we can add Harold Glatz, whose car broke a brake line on the way and had to be left in Indiana for repairs while he and Janice came the rest of the way in a vehicle borrowed from Bill Harris.  Jeffrey Arnesen, a first time attendee, had to leave his car in the shop after it was vandalized a couple of weeks prior to the event.  Dan and Kay Aldrich had to leave their ’52 behind as well.  Ron Kiser could not make it with his ’52 so Clara and Ron pulled out a ’38 project car and made the trip.  I met a lot of new friends and saw a bunch of old friends, so I had a great time.  I’m not just buttering you up when I tell you that I look forward to this week each year more than any other week.  Honest!
David Luken, ETC President

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